Impact Compliance Training

California legislators have enacted several laws to fight sexual harassment in their workplaces. SB1343, AB 125, and the Fair Employment and Housing Act have mandated that employers provide sexual harassment training prepared by qualified attorneys, professors, or harassment prevention consultants. Impact Compliance Training creates interactive online sexual harassment modules to meet California state sexual harassment training requirements.

Is your business doing enough to combat sexual harassment? Sexual harassment affects employees and impacts business operations, brand perception, and the retention of diverse staff. Impact Compliance Training offers interactive sexual harassment online training videos to prevent workplace harassment.

As of this year, all Illinois businesses must provide annual sexual harassment training for their employees. Preparing meaningful content to address sexual harassment every year can be stressful. Impact Compliance Training makes it easy to meet all of Illinois sexual harassment training requirements with their remote and in-person training modules.

2020 has posed several challenges and new regulations for businesses in Iowa, one of which is the new mandated harassment prevention training law. Navigating a new law mandating specialized education can be stressful for businesses to plan and implement. Impact Compliance Training takes the guesswork out of mandatory harassment prevention training by providing sexual harassment training videos Illinois businesses trust.

It is hard for businesses to collect all their employees in one spot for their mandatory harassment prevention training. Savvy companies implement their training through interactive online modules. Impact Compliance Training provides sexual harassment videos for employees so that they can engage with the material from their homes.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can deplete the trust between coworkers and supervisors and the company itself. When harassment is ignored or facilitated, it reverberates across the company via high turnover, loss of talent, loss of diversity, and more. Businesses who are serious about preventing harassment trust Impact Compliance Training and their sexual harassment training programs

Sometimes, a presentation may not be the most engaging tactic for reaching an audience. Videos offer nuanced ways of entertaining and engaging audiences in the office, at home, or on the go! Impact Compliance Training provides interactive sexual harassment in the workplace videos to meet any state-mandated harassment prevention training.

5 Good Reasons to Wear a Hoodie Every Time You Exercise

Do you wear a hoodie while working out? If not, then we have good reasons why you should wear a hoodie every time you exercise.

1. Hoodies keep you protected

It gets easier to stay protected from an evil eye behind a hoodie. While you run on that elliptical machine for 45 minutes it may make you feel insecure and self-conscious of the other people around. In such cases a hoodie can work as your invisibility cloak, eliminating any reasons to be stared at. And wearing custom hoodies can be stylish as well so you can have an invisibility cloak that’s stylish.

2. Keep all your Goodies at Place

Hoodies have pockets that can hold your small stuff like keys, MP3 player, mobile phone, etc. So hoodies are the solution to hold all your important stuff that you might need while visiting your gym or any equivalent exercise classes.

3. Hoodies are Hygienic

Gyms or your aerobics classes are very unhygienic as there are so many people stepping in the gym. So before you waltz over the gym floor while exercising or doing yoga, let us tell you hoodies can save you from all the germs on the floor. You can also get yourself custom hoodies that suit your taste with some of your favorite quotes or something matching your exercise regime, etc.

4. Helps You in Detoxing

Exercising while wearing a hoodie helps you sweat more. And you must be aware that sweating is a natural way of detoxing your body by draining away all toxins out of your body in the form of sweat. So, more of sweating means more of detoxing and it also lessons the water weight in your body, which helps you lose weight too. But do drink water after your exercising regime to avoid dehydration. So, in all wearing your favorite custom hoodies to your exercise classes or gym is a good choice for efficient detoxification and weight loss.

5. What’s more comfortable?

Is there more comfortable clothing you would like to wear when stretching, bending over, and doing all other exercises? Hoodies are liked or should I say, loved by all. I have never seen someone denying that. So, be in what comforts you so that you can fully concentrate on exercising!

These are good enough reasons! Aren’t they?

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